thinking outside the bus

people-powered, planet-friendly,
urban transportation
door-to-store, store-to-door service

Courtesy Cab Service

If you see a pedicab, simply talk to the driver about where you want to go. We have a limited, 1 mile radius. Rides are free, and Tips are appreciated! Our Neighborhood Expert drivers give advice about different restaurants, specialty shops, stores and events and is a short-term tour guide for you.

Pedaling your brand

People look at pedicabs, in fact they do a double take! Pedicabs go where crowds of people are, so many eyes see your ad! Mobile advertising and branding are a natural, planet-friendly fit with pedicabs.

Contact us for more info and local, pedicab-based mobile advertising


We are a locally owned and operated business. We have local business-friendly rates, and no long term, unfriendly contracts.

We take your branded logo and up to 4 lines of text, put it on a planet-friendly sign, and drive it around our shopping districts in people-powered pedal taxis. We also put it on our website, with a link to your site, and any special offers. Our courteous, Neighborhood Expert drivers pick up your customers at their door and bring them to your door, for free. We take them home, too.

We work hard to keep our neighborhood shopping dollars in our neighborhood shops.


SIDE [20"x20"] as low as $25/ad
BACK [20"x40"] as low as $50/ad

Call us at 216.577.6240 or email us and we will send you a full rate card.


Often people arrange transportation for special events, such as group rides, weddings, parties, or historic tours. The quickest way to check on pricing and availability is to call 216.577.6240 (please leave your phone # on the message)

wanna drive?

Driving a pedicab is fun! It's a perfect part-time job for people who enjoy bicycling, being outdoors, and meeting new people.

Primary Qualifications:
-18 Years of Age
-Fluent in the English Language
-Capable of riding a bike for an 8-hour shift
-Attend Orientation class and complete training
-Valid Drivers License (any state)

Other Qualifications:

Strength and Endurance Drivers must be able to pull 500-800lbs. for approximately 6 to 8 hours. In addition, we know the weather in Cleveland can change every ten minutes, drivers must be patient, tough and durable.

Knowledge Drivers must be able to efficiently navigate througout the city. Local neighborhood insight is a must.

Self-Motivation As an independent contractor, the driver has the ability to profit from hard work. The more motivated, energetic, and punctual the driver is, the more profitable the driver will be.

Good Attitude People in the service industry are most successful when they have a great attitude because it ultimately adds value to a customer's experience.

Night Schedule Night shifts may be the most profitable, and thus have the most demand. On the weekends, these shifts may run into the early hours of the morning.

Basically, you must have neighborhood knowledge, be over 18 yrs, a basic knowledge of bicycle mechanics and training is provided. As an independent contractor for Cleveland Pedicabs you can set your own schedule. If you are interested in becoming a pedicab driver, call 216.577.6240
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